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Board of Directors

Our chapter is hard at work to create a sustainable business analyst community in the Fredericton area. We'll be posting notes from our meetings here on this page to keep you informed!



IIBA Activities Updates
Monday, 03 May 2010 16:09

Here are some details about activities the IIBA is working on that was presented today by the IIBA International Board of Directors:

IIBA Corporate Membership

Provides a menu of products and services  such as membership, competancy model, BABOK, and consulting/advisory services.   Discounts on CBAP exam fees, career centre, and BABOK guide purchases are also avaialble to corporate members.    When corporations are engaged, chapter membership is recommended by the IIBA but it is not required.     Generally we are looking for someone senior within the organization that cares about advancing about their BA practice, if you're interested in becoming a corporate member please contact Dave Biege for more information.

Our role as a Chapter is to recruit potential coproate members and refer them to Dave Bieg, IIBA COO. Dave will engage the interested corporations by having a brief 30min phone call to discuss the details...   more info at!

IIBA Chapter Support and Governance

We have a number of committees to help support our chapter including a governance commitee, start-up committee, growth committee, and development committee.  These virtual committees help provide forums and tools chapters can use to help manage and grow their chapter operations.  

  • Start-up committee's focus on enlisting members, leaders, and sponsors
  • Development committee's focus on crafting ane xecutign teh year-1 business plan
  • Growth committee's focus on institutionalizing the grown of members, sponsors and leaders

There is also an on-line form for chapter support called "Chapters helping chapters" at

Chapter Relationship Model

This year we're looking at strengthening our Chapter Relationship Model that includes a strong global chapter community, chapter support, and chapter leadership.  

To develop a strong chapter community, the IIBA will be holding facilitated discussions with all the regional forums to gather requirements from the various regions.  This info will be used to refine and improve the chapter relationship model which will be prented at the Fall Conference.

Chapter practice kits are avaialble on-line now include:

  • memership campaign kit
  • sponsorship kit
  • professional development kit

The day following the fall conferene will host seminars design specifically for board of directors to ehlp recognize and ehnace the repuation and leadership competancy of the chapter.      There is also a kit the chapter development committee is working on now that will help create strong leadership within the chapter's board.

Every chapter needs formal members, officers, and volunteers to help ensure we are able to develop a strong BA community!  


Our chapters are now covered by GCL insurance up to $2M that covers bodiliy injury and proerty damanage assocaited with our events.   In addition, our board of directors and officers now have Liability insurance provided by the IIBA.